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About us

CapeCross Veterinary services was founded in 2009 by four vets who had a dream of creating a practice where clients are family, where the newest technology is used to provide the best possible treatment for their patients and where employees can live their passion and develop their full potential.


Founders of CapeCross Vets


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CapeCross Veterinary Services currently consists of four practices across South-Africa that provide large-and small animal services. CapeCross4Vets was launched in July 2017 and we have our first member practice in East-London. Each practice has it's unique strength and area of expertise. All the practices provide the same high quality, personal service and strive to provide the best care possible.


Joining us

CapeCross Veterinary Services aim to provide the best possible service to our clients while providing a friendly, comfortable environment to work in. We want all our employees to excel at what they do and to grow in their abilities. Read more here if you want to join our team or if you want your practice to become a member of CapeCross4Vets



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Veterinary Advice

At CapeCross we believe prevention is better than cure. Here we provide you with the newest information on taking care of your pet, which food to choose, common diseases to look out for or which management systems to follow if you are in the production animal industry.